Welcome to Hirtshals Marina.

The marina is located in the West Harbor just off the stairs, providing direct access to the city center with restaurants, cafes and shops.

The bathroom facilities are on the left side from the bridge. Bath pole = 10 kr

Upon arrival, you must report to the Harbor. Radio channel 16 or phone no. +45 9894 1422.

Internet Hotspot at Hirtshals Harbor

Find SSID network: HH-Guest and wait for answer from Hirtshals Havn.

Enter your mobile number.

Press "Get password with SMS".

You will receive your password on your mobile phone.

Type the password ("Enter password") and press "Send".

You will now have a free internet connection for 8 hours.

The port is monitored

Marina Info:

The marina is located in the West Harbor just off the stairs, providing direct access to the city center with restaurants, cafes and shops.

The stairs are an experience in themselves. They are described under www.visitdenmark.com as follows:

"The staircase is shaped like a wave, connecting" The Green Square "with the North Sea” (or rather the Skagerrak!).

This offers a number of exciting experiences and from the "Pier" in the middle there is an excellent view.

It is the artists Dorthe Dahlin and Professor Mogens Møller who in cooperation with the Municipality of Hirtshals have been responsible for the work."

(Also note the difference in the height of the steps on the 2 steps! The steps to the right are LARGE and the running up and down really draws the acid in the legs! The dimension of the steps originates from ancient Egypt!)

The marina is owned by the Association Hirtshals Marina, which in 2005, after several years of work and through loans and sponsorship grants, raised funds to establish the marina. The reason for founding the Association was that the Port of Hirtshals wanted visiting yachtsmen to have a fixed place in the harbor to stay.

However, after the construction of the floating bridge, it has turned out that there is a growing interest for yachts to approach Hirtshals and use the harbor as a permanent base.

After all, not everyone "dare" to round Skagen, so mainly we see larger sailing and motor boats, which seek shelter or want to fill up supplies before crossing the Skagerrak, or during their journey along the coasts of Denmark and Europe.


However, more and more sailors  become aware that a trip to Hirtshals is an excellent destination in itself.

There is peace and tranquility, you are located in an "authentic" harbor, almost in the middle of the city, and not far at all to all tourist attractions in Vendsyssel.

To fulfill the increasing number of visiting sailors and fixed berths, the floating bridge was extended to 60 meters in spring 2011.

In addition, there is an increasing need for accommodating boats which are  driven to the harbor and pulled into the water via the newly established tug near the marina.

Info on Hirtshals

Hirtshals town is only around 100 years old. "The Yellow Inn" at "The Green Square" was back then an agricultural property -“Lilleheden” the largest building what later would become Hirtshals.

There were only a few scattered fishing houses, and then there was Hirtshals Lighthouse, which lit up for the first time in 1863 (www.hirtshalsfyr.dk).

The harbor was inaugurated in 1931 and has of course been expanded many times since.

During the occupation, a very large bunker area was established, as part of the "Atlantic Wall". Part of the area around the lighthouse has been excavated and can be visited - also with a tour (www.bunkermuseet.dk).

The beach just southwest of the harbor is an excellent beach, called "Husmoderstrand", which for many years has had the "blue flag" (www.blaaflag.dk) - just a fresh walk from the west harbor. After approx. 400 m. you come to an area with large stones dating back to the ice age (mixed with remnants of concrete from the "Atlantic Wall"): Then arriving at the beautiful beach at Tornby.

East of the harbor you have beaches from Kjul to Uggerby, and there are also opportunities for lovely walks in the plantations behind the beaches on both sides of the city.

If you feel like visiting an old fisherman's home or see how net makers work with an old and still used technique, then it would be a good idea to visit the Hirtshals Museum decorated in a fishing house from 1881. It is located right in the middle of the city!

In the eastern part of the harbor you will find the North Sea Oceanarium (www.nordsoenoceanarium.dk), which is also worth one or more visits.

You can also visit the city's 8 restaurants / cafes, 6 grillbars / Italian restaurants and 6 taverns/inns!

Should your guests need accommodation – have a look at Hotel Hirtshals (www.hotelhirtshals.dk), Danland Feriehotel Fyrklit (www.danland.dk), Montra Skaga Hotel (www.skagahotel.dk), Motel North Sea (www.motelnordsoeen.dk) or Hirtshals Hostel (www.danhostelhirtshals.dk). Of course, all of the above also are excellent places to eat.

All types of groceries can be bought in HIrtshals – we have a butcher or Superbest, Eurospar, Aldi, Rema 1000, Netto, Fakta or Superbrugsen - every day - all year round!


In addition - besides the ferry connections to the north to several ports in Norway, as well as the Faroe Islands and Iceland - there is virtually uninterrupted motorway connection from Hirtshals and to the south - Aalborg, Copenhagen, Sicily (2,880 km) and Gibraltar (3,300 km)!

Hirtshals may be in the "outskirts" of Denmark, but in the middle of Europe!

Habour information

The West Harbor has an "original" atmosphere with smaller fishing boats and several machine workshops, painters, equipment stores, sailmaker's workshop and ropes, as well as a bedding and a towing place.

The West Harbor is only a small part of the total port which also includes large berths for the country's largest trawlers, shipyard with floating dock, the country's most modern fishing terminal, freezer stores, fish processing factories and ferry terminals for 2 fast ferries to Kristiansand and Larvik (www.colorline.dk), ferry to Stavanger / Bergen (www.fjordline). com) and ferry to the Faroe Islands / Iceland (www.smyrilline.dk).

There is also a "dinghy harbor", for the smaller recreational fishing dinghies, just off Havnegade, and at the far end of the habour you will find the boat club where the club members have their smaller boats lying, this is close to the location of the rescue station.

The tug located west of the dinghy provides the opportunity to take the boat "over land"!

Statutes for the Marina


Hirtshals Marina
9850 Hirtshals.

Hans Christensenr  +45 40 27 18 82
Steen Christensen  +45 40 37 16 75
Ove Trolle              +45 22 31 07 95
Preben Krage         +45 28 97 77 15
Jan Anderson         +45 21 66 74 52
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